A downloadable mod

This is the first of its kind, a gigantic, artistic texture pack for Spider-Man 2 to be used for the Dolphin Emulator.

Created by: Lance Leeder (Lanket) with the help of Wolcamophone

All Screenshots are taken from the current build of the mod, new pictures will be uploaded closer to the full release.

This is NOT the full game! This is a Texture Mod pack for the game. You must own your own physical copy of "Spider-Man 2" for this to work. I will not provide links for the game's ISO File, which would fall under piracy. This goes without saying, the copy used to create the textures was an ISO file extracted from my physical copy. 

The basis for the textures have been taken from the "Webbed Up" texture upscaling mod created by "Dalek Caan". All have been edited to be completely different from the original to avoid potential reposting. Neither I nor Wolcamophone owns the rights to Spider-Man 2 or the Nintendo Gamecube. This project was made for fun to see what our minds could come up with on this scale. All rights are reserved to their respective copyright owners.