The Week After...

Good afternoon everyone! It has been roughly one week since the release of the Narrative Beta. I wanted to invite everyone that has played it to share their thoughts and feelings about it!

As for me, this past week I have taken time off from the project and I have gone public with my side project. For those unaware, you can find it here.

I don't plan to release another public beta, however there might be a Demo version of the full release in the future. Keep an eye on these updates just in case!

Finally, I must address the "Modes" selection featured in the Beta Release. Some players may have noticed 3 selections when choosing which game mode to play. Aside from the announced Beta release, there were two options I had never spoken about prior. These are two side stories that take place before, after, and in between the events of CrossLust. These "Expansion Stories" will not be available in the Standard Release.

There will be the following versions of CrossLust and their contents that players can choose whether or not to purchase:

-CrossLust: Standard Edition [Free]
"CrossLust Story" and an optional "CrossChaos Story"

-CrossLust: Royalty Edition [$1.25]
"CrossLust Story" and an optional "CrossChaos Story"
"CrossLust: Blank Slate" standalone story
"CrossLust: Red Streaks" standalone story
"CrossRush" mode featuring a "CrossGallery" area built-in

Thank you to those that continue to support this project! I hope to see you all next Devlog!

-Lance Leeder (Lanket)


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